Fish heads finally found!

Some days you just have all the luck.  I like those kind of days.  I will start planting a large portion of my tomato crop tomorrow and hadn’t found a good inexpensive source for fish heads.  On a whim I thought I’d check the Albertson’s on Redlands Boulevard and Cypress.  Sure enough, it turns out they can order fish heads anytime.  Britney S. wears several hats at Albertson’s and today she was covering the fish counter.  Britney told me that the store doesn’t get many requests for fish heads but can usually have them available 2-3 days after ordering.  So, she is putting in an order for a case and they will be at the store on Friday 4/8.  Albertson’s sells their fish heads for $0.99/lb. each, not bad.  Albertson’s is lucky to have Britney as an employee.  She is great at customer service.

This particular Albertsons also has a Starbucks in the store.  They routinely put their used coffee grounds in a blue bucket next to the little kiosk and they are free.  Just ask.  Grounds are great for blueberry mulch and adding to your compost pile.

Hope this helps all you biodynamic farmers.

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2 Responses to Fish heads finally found!

  1. Natalie says:

    Soooo glad to have visited your site! I had your business card from last year… I bought a orange cherry tomato plant from you at the Redlands Farmer’s Market! I don’t know how it managed to survive the winter, but it did, and I’m getting tomatoes already! I started some of my Grandpa’s tomato seeds from 2011, and am getting ready to put them in the ground, so I appreciate the growing tips! Keep them coming!! ((Please!)) 🙂

  2. mindy says:

    Hi Natalie, Thanks for the post. I’m glad you liked the Sun Gold cherry tomato. It’s really garden candy. He’s kind of a wimpy little dude in the nursery, but at peak season that plant can be 8 feet tall and covered with tomatoes. I got my start gardening with my Grandma and Grandpa in Pennsylvania. Glad to hear you are collaborating with your Grandpa for your new tomato crop. Saving seeds is fun and cost effective! Thanks for stopping by the stand. Mindy

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