About our preserves

SunnysideLOCAL is a Certified Naturally Grown farm.  This means all fruit, herbs and vegetables used to produce our jams, pestos, candies and small baked goods are grown to organic standards without the use of pesticides.  Our farm provides a wide variety of produce to choose from including, citrus, blueberries and strawberries, blackberries,  peaches and nectarines, pomegranates, figs, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

Our grove is blessed to be irrigated by Bear Valley Water, so in addition to farming pesticide-free, the fruit trees are irrigated with chemical free mountain water.

We craft Low Sugar Preserves. It is important to know that all of our jams and jellies contain less sugar than traditional preserves, often one to two-thirds less.  We strive to make our preserves as organic as possible.  This year our sweetners include only organic sugar, organic agave nectar and locally produced honey.

Shelf life for all canned items is one year.  Since less sugar is used you may notice a color change starting at the top of the jar after about three months.  There is nothing wrong with the jam.  Sugar is what keeps color vibrant.  For best results keep jars in cool, dark place.   Always check the expiration date for best freshness.   Refrigerate after opening and discard three to four weeks after opening.  We craft all our delicious spreadable treats and preserved goods at a local commercial kitchen licensed and health permitted through San Bernardino County.















5 Responses to About our preserves

  1. lauren calderon says:

    I love all your fruits and the jams are the best, evereting is natural and fresh
    100% recommended :]

  2. Lauren Spilsbury says:

    My husband and I met you at the Farmers Market this morning, we bought 2 jars of jam and both are delicious. We plan to purchase more for Christmas treats for coworkers and neighbors. I found your site to be charming. I enjoyed reading about your journey to fulfill your dreams. (and my tastebuds)

  3. mindy says:

    Lauren, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Glad you are enjoying the preserves, they are really fresh. Meeting folks at the market is what inspires how and what we grow. We want to keep things fun, but always with an eye on health. Thanks again for the post and stop by again just to say “Hi”.

  4. Debbie Campbell says:

    Dear Mindy and Jane, Thank you so much for being rays of sunshine on an overcast Saturday morning. Today, I tasted the Vanilla Kumquat Marmalade. Wow! What an explosion of fresh, bright, and comforting flavors that lit up my nose and taste buds. Instantly, I was reminded how vibrant food tasted especially when i was a child. I love the delightful smell of the warm sweetness of a whole vanilla bean, the orange kumquat peels burst with tartness and bright citrus notes with each bite and the smooth golden honey-colored pectin speckled with vanilla bean are a wonderful symphony of flavors and colors.

  5. vicki hill says:

    The Chili Clementine jam is just fabulous spread with goats cheese over crackers!! It makes a great quick appetizer for your guest (or yourself) that looks fancy :)

    Keep up the great work girls!

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