2014-02-07_07-50-06_583 Blood Orange Marmalade     Blood orange juice is a feast for the senses. The color is a rich regal red and high in natural pectin, making it thick. The flavor is not overly sweet but fresh with a finish of raspberry. We taste tested this one with honey Greek yogurt. Outstanding.


2014-02-07_07-33-51_195Kumquat Vanilla Marmalade    Kumquats are eaten for their skin. This marmalade is mild and sweet with the smooth warmth of vanilla added to increase the rich flavor of this preserve. A beautiful amber color catches the light and reveals orange flecks of rind and small vanilla seeds floating throughout.  Delicious over ice cream or yogurt. Eating directly out of the jar is good too.

2014-02-07_07-44-25_516Meyer Lemon Mandarin Lavender Marmalade      Meyer lemons are standouts in the citrus family.  The vibrant orange yellow skin is a result of crossing an orange with a lemon. This brilliant offspring has a lively almost sweet flavor.  Mandarins add to the beautiful color and complexity of taste.  Provence lavender adds a floral note like a walk in the garden.

Orange Whiskey Marmalade     This marmalade is a classic of Scotland.  Sweet Washington Navels with a touch of lemon mingle with Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey.  The result has a deep lingering flavor that is delicious with baked ham and ham sandwiches or spread on warm crepes with butter.



Blueberry Jam                                              Pomegranate Jelly

Blueberry Agave Jam                                  Orange Chili Dipping Sauce

Blueberry Syrup                                            Valencia Orange Marmalade

Blackberry Jam                                             Summer in a Jar Peach

Blood Orange Syrup                                     Nectarine Jam

Blushing Star White Peach Jam                Black Mission Fig Jam

Bellini Jam                                                     Fig and Grand Marnier Jam

Elephant Heart Plum                                   Plum and Port Wine Jam

Earl Grey White Nectarine Jam                 Rose Geranium Apricot Jam

Strawberry Lavender Honey Jam             Simply Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Balsamic Syrup                        Beaver Dam Pepper Jelly

(This is NOT a complete or comprehensive list, merely an idea of what we have crafted in the past.  Each year we discover new combinations of fruit, herbs and/or spirits to create unique preserves.)

Find our preserves and caramels at our current farmers market venues and Washington Produce Company, Redlands







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