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  1. Greg Pitman says:

    Recipe for Barbecue Sauce

    I modify this recipe every time I make it, using what is available at any given time. I try to find good locally grown tomatoes and frequently replace the tomato sauce in the recipe with chopped up fresh tomatoes, because of the long simmer time, this works fine. I make my own tomato sauce during the summer when good quality tomatoes are available and freeze it in quart portions for use during the rest of the year.

    Lately I have been experimenting with other fresh ingredients to enhance the sweetness a bit to offset the heat of the chile peppers. The last batch I threw in a few fresh figs and the result was great. This week I’m going to try some great apples from Oak Glen and a tiny bit of cinnamon. These are added to the existing recipe, nothing else is eliminated.

    It is a modification of the basic sauce recipe in Steve Raichlen’s “Barbecue Bible”.

    You will need: 2 medium onions minced, 2 fresh pasilla peppers minced, 10 cloves of garlic minced, 1 cup tomato ketchup, 1 cup tomato sauce, 1 bottle beer (preferably dark), 6 tablespoons cider vinegar, 6 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, 4 tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice, 4 tablespoons molasses, 8 tablespoons firmly packed brown sugar (or more), 5 teaspoons whole grain mustard, 2 teaspoons dry mustard, 2 teaspoons Ancho chile powder (I use more), 2 teaspoons Chipotle chile powder (more or less), 2 teaspoons New Mexico green or red chile powder (more or less). Adjust these amounts to your preference for heat. Brown the onions in olive oil. After they are brown, add the pasillas and cook for a few minutes, then add the garlic briefly, just a minute or two. Then add all the ingredients to a big pot and bring to a simmer. After an hour use a stick blender to puree the contents of the pot until almost smooth (a little texture is nice). Now just let it simmer very low as long as you can. You want it to thicken up a bit. I generally let mine simmer for 3 hours or so, stirring often, don’t let the bottom get scorched.

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