Thai Spicy Eggplant adapted from Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals

 This recipe was a big hit last summer when our Pingtung Taiwanese eggplants were at their peak.  Chicken or tofu can be added as a protein source.  Its a great quick meal with an exotic flair. See full recipe by clicking link below.    

Eggplant  Tarte Tatin with Black Pepper Caramel

 Yes! An eggplant dessert.  One of our Yucaipa Farmers Market customers cooked an all eggplant course meal … including DESSERT.  They inspired me to find a dessert that would suit our sweet and luscious Ping Tung Asian Eggplants.  I think this one will be a real winner that will have your friends begging for the recipe.

Carmelized Pork Kebabs with Chinese Eggplant

Grilling enhances the sweetness of our Asian eggplants.  This recipe brings out the best in the eggplant and pairs it with a summer favorite, roasted pork tenderloin.  Simple ingredients make a quick summer meal.






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